Reserve the Digital Media Laboratory Podcast Room

Housekeeping & Etiquette

  1. To use the Podcast Room, you must reserve it first.
  2. The Podcast Room is located in Old Main 402.
  3. When using the Podcast Studio, please use the "Recording in Progress PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB" door sign to prevent other patrons from accidentally walking in. It is located on the handle on the inside of the main door and can be placed on the handle on the outside of the door.
    1. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB Sign on Podcast Room Door. (click on image to enlarge)
  4. All Faculty, Staff, and Students that are interested in using the Podcast Studio should contact to gain swipe access. Contact Helpdesk if you are not sure if you have swipe access to the room at least 24-48 hours prior to your reservation.
  5. Respect the room and our environment. When you are done using the Podcast Room, please return it the way you found it. This includes:
    1. turning off all lights and displays
    2. return the "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB" sign to the handle on the inside of the door
    3. clean up any garbage
    4. double-check to make sure you have not left anything, like chargers, cables, or USB sticks
  6. Please respect the time that you have reserved the Podcast Room for. If another person has reserved the Podcast Room soon after you, we will be obligated to have you leave so the next person can use it.
  7. If you are using Audacity, or any other program that requires you to set the input, please make sure that the Input Recording Device is the Zoom Podtrak P8.
    1. For additional help with Audacity, check the documentation:
  8. The Zoom Podtrak P8 is a powerful mixer. For the most part, you will only need to use the volume sliders. However, the mixer can be used for much more. Here are the manuals and other resources:
    1. ZoomPodTrak_P8_QuickGuide_2.pdf 

    2. ZoomPodtrak_P8_FullOperationManual.pdf 

    3. Additional Support and Tutorials

Reserve the Podcast Room

We use a Google Calendar for reserving the room. You can take a look this Calendar and reserve time to use the Podcast Room here.

Note: If this is your FIRST time reserving the Podcast Room, please contact Helpdesk at to request access.

Podcasting for Classes

If faculty are planning on having students use the Podcast Room for assignments, please contact with the course abbreviation, number, and section letter (i.e., CAN101E) so COLI staff can add you and your students to the swipe access for the room.

After this is done, please have your students come back to this page and reserve time to use the Podcast Room here.

Need Help?

COLI staff are available to help patrons of the Digital Media Labs Podcast Room and provide hands-on training for classes. Contact COLI staff at to schedule a meeting at least 24 hours before you are planning to record a podcast. For classes, we recommend contacting COLI at least two weeks before students are to start recording podcasts.

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