Accessibility in Coursework

Here you will find a series of resources that help faculty make their courses and course materials more accessible, in accordance with Universal Design for Learning, as well as Canisius's commitment to inclusion and Cura Personalis.  

Student Accessibility Support: Accommodations and Services

Here is the public-facing guide maintained by the Accessibility Support Office.  It's a great place to start, since this tells students, parents, and prospective students what their responsibilities are, and what they can expect as far as support for documented disabilities at Canisius, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  As a faculty or staff member, you can get a good idea of how Accessibility Support works for students (and you) in supporting our commitment to inclusion.  

Resource: Accessible Text

This online, self-paced lesson covers various ways we can ensure our text documents - syllabi, course instructions, articles, and so on - are accessible to a broad range of students.  

Resource: Accessible Video and Images

Images and video require steps to make them accessible for students.  This short lesson explains how to do this.

Resource: Accessible Classroom

Often, preoccupation with technology has accessibility conversations focused on text, images, or videos on the internet.  But what we do in our classrooms is at least as important for inclusivity.  This lesson supplies essential tips for ensuring that our classes are places where all can achieve.  

If you are a Canisius University faculty member, you can earn a MicroCredential in Accessibility!  This can be useful for portfolios, and reflects your commitment to innovative, inclusive teaching and learning.  Contact to request access to the microcredential program.