FYE Instructor Tutorials

Summer Faculty Development Week Sessions

These sessions were pedagogy and course review opportunities for all FYE instructors.  Their recordings can be found at the link below, although Canisius College instructors must log in before viewing them.




Copy the FYE Course Content in D2L

(Click the diagonal arrow to view in fullscreen.)

Use Visibility Controls for Course Content in D2L

Change Course Start (or End) Dates

Assessing (Grading) Weekly Reflection Assignments

(Re)Connecting Hypothes.is Links to their Appropriate Documents

You may need to establish or reestablish the four Hypothes.is links in your D2L course space.  The tutorial video shows you how to do this.  Below, are the titles of the four files that are available to you in a Canisius Google Shared Drive.  When installing the files from Google Drive, you can search for a character string based on file names, which are:

For example, search "Don't Cheat" or "cronon_" in the Google Drive dialog Hypothes.is brings up, in order to link to these files.

Download a roster (list of students, email addresses) from D2L

The blue "Export" button in the grades tool is the way.

Adding Due Dates to items and activities in D2L

Install Pronouns in D2L's User Profile

(Click the diagonal arrow to view in fullscreen.)

Install Your Mentor (as a TA) in your D2L Course

Also, how to enroll Jen or Tracy into your section as well.

Intelligent Agents

Intelligent Agents are automated operations that trigger once a parameter has been met. To put it more plainly: It is a program in D2L that can help you manage your classroom. An example is a student that has not logged into your course for several days. If you set up an Intelligent Agent to watch for when students do not log in after several days, the Agent can automatically send the student an email. Take a look at COLI's tutorials on D2L Self-Paced Training for Faculty and Staff#IntelligentAgents

FYE 2023 Fixes

Fix the Week 02 Quiz

Week 02: Fostering a College Mindset and Notetaking has the incorrect quiz. This video shows how to quickly swap it out for the correct quiz.

Fix Quiz Syncing to the Grade Book Issue

Some of the Quizzes are not set up to Sync to the Grade Book properly. This video shows how to quickly go through the problem quizzes and set up syncing. Quizzes in question:

  • QUIZ: Week 5
  • QUIZ: Week 6
  • QUIZ: Week 7
  • QUIZ: Week 9
  • QUIZ: Week 10
  • QUIZ: Week 12

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