D2L Essentials

Here, you will find a series of self-paced lessons that help faculty learn the essentials of D2L and good pedagogy. Additional tutorials are on the D2L Self-Paced Training for Faculty and Staff Wiki Page. 

The D2L Quick Start Guide

This Guide has all of the tutorials you need to start building your course in D2L. 

D2L Accommodations, Dates, Groups, and Release Conditions

This online self-paced lesson goes through setting up accommodations for students, using Start, End, and Due Dates, creating and using Groups, and creating and using Release Conditions. 

D2L Student Progress and Attempt/Submission Logs

This self-paced lesson goes through some of the advanced features of D2L, allowing you to see a summary of a student's progress and access their attempts and submissions for quizzes/discussion boards/dropboxes.

D2L Intelligent Agents

In this self-paced tutorial, we delve deep into one of the most advanced features of D2L: Intelligent Agents. Intelligent Agents can help to automate certain tasks in D2L, helping you to better maintain your course.

If you are a Canisius University faculty member, you can earn a MicroCredential for mastering the Essentials of D2L!  This can be useful for portfolios, and reflects your commitment to innovative, inclusive teaching and learning.  Contact coli@canisius.edu to request access to the microcredential program.