Professional Licensure Notification

Before enrolling in any academic degree or certificate program with the intent to seek a professional license or certification in your state, it is vital that you determine whether or not the academic program will support or fulfill requirements for that license or certification.  To date, Canisius University is not aware if any of its academic programs support or fulfill requirements for professional license or certification outside New York State.  We advise you to contact the relevant licensing board, to determine whether the program meets requirements for professional licensure or certification in the state where you are located or the state in which you intend to pursue licensure or certification. 

The following resources may assist you:


Teacher Education

Educational Administration

(Directories provided by NC-SARA, of which Canisius University is a participating institution.)

For Counseling, see also the Department of Counseling and Human Services Student Handbook, made available by the Counseling Department.

Physician Assistant